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Books for Creative Curriculum Approaches

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Looking for innovative and developmentally appropriate curriculum for your early childhood classroom that helps children develop a love for learning? In this list, you will find creative curriculum approaches that maximize learning by harnessing natural curiosity through hands-on exploration and play, allowing children to dive deeper into their own developing interests.



Building on Emergent Curriculum

The Power of Play for School Readiness

Building on Emergent Curriculum shows early childhood educators how to create profound learning experiences through developmentally appropriate activities and play. This book explains why traditional theme-based units don't work, and gives practical strategies for balancing thematic and open-ended activities, choosing themes that matter to children, and using open-ended materials and conversations to promote school readiness.

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Provoking Curiosity

Student-Led STEAM Learning for Pre-K to Third Grade

Provoking Curiosity is based on the premise that young children need more than step-by-step instructions and activities to learn—they need to think, explore, and wonder on their own. But how do you facilitate this in a real classroom with real children? In this book, Dr. Angela Eckhoff shows you how to use STEAM provocations throughout your busy day to build higher-level thinking skills while also building collaboration and communication skills. 

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Picturing the Project Approach

Creative Explorations in Early Learning

This book guides teachers in implementing a project approach to learning, from identifying a topic and developing a project, to bringing the project to a close. This book also explains why the project approach allows children to delve into their own interests, gaining academic knowledge and real-world skills along the way. 

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Planning for Play

Strategies for Guiding Preschool Learning

Planning for Play helps educators understand the different types of play and the rich opportunities offered through carefully planned time and environments designed for valuable pre-K play experiences. Learn how to get the most out of the play in your classroom.

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The Possibilities of Play

Imaginative Learning Centers for Children

Dr. Jean, beloved author of dozens of books and songs, and coauthor Carolyn Kisloski bring you a collection of practical ideas and tips to inspire engagement and spark learning in your classroom centers—and, importantly, keep children coming back for more. Discover how you can help your children thrive in learning centers.

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