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Building on Emergent Curriculum
The Power of Play for School Readiness

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Building on Emergent Curriculum Excerpt


Building on Emergent Curriculum
The Power of Play for School Readiness



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Building on Emergent Curriculum

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Children are expected to read, write, count, and sit still at younger and younger ages. As these unrealistic expectations mount, family members and teachers alike continue to believe that these activities will prepare young children for school. But there is a better way—one that helps children build school readiness through developmentally appropriate activities. Best of all? The children can have fun!

Building on Emergent Curriculum guides preschool teachers to tap into young children’s natural inclination for play to build their skills, promote their development, and, ultimately, prepare them for elementary school. Learn:

  • why traditional theme-based units don’t work,
  • what school readiness really looks like,
  • how to recognize and capitalize on the many teachable moments that arise during play, and
  • ways to train teachers and involve families in emergent curriculum.

Play and learning aren’t mutually exclusive. Building on Emergent Curriculum will help readers give preschoolers a solid foundation for elementary school while they do what children do best: play!

Sarah Vanover, EdD

Sarah Taylor Vanover, EdD, has been working in the field of early childhood for over twenty years. Dr. Sarah Taylor Vanover completed her doctoral research on what families look for...

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