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The Possibilities of Play
Imaginative Learning Centers for Children Ages 3-6

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The Possibilities of Play Excerpt


The Possibilities of Play
Imaginative Learning Centers for Children Ages 3-6



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Thoughtfully created learning centers are bubbling with opportunities for active learning. Dr. Jean, beloved author of dozens of books and songs, and coauthor Carolyn Kisloski bring you a collection of practical ideas and tips to inspire engagement and spark learning in your classroom centers—and, importantly, keep children coming back for more. Children learn best through play. Discover how you can help them thrive in your learning centers. The Possibilities of Play brings expert tips for selecting and managing materials, facilitating explorations, and challenging children to:

  • explore on their own time and at their own level,
  • engage in hands-on discovery,
  • solve problems and use critical-thinking skills,
  • practice emerging skills across domains,
  • share and get along with others,
  • develop language, and
  • realize their own sense of creativity.
Dr. Jean Feldman

“With its emphasis on the principles of brain development, Transition Tips and Tricks will be a tremendous resource for teachers filled with songs, stories, movement activities, simple games and easy...

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Carolyn Kisloski, MS

Carolyn Kisloski, MS, is a kindergarten teacher, author, and trainer who is passionate about young children and enthusiastic in her love for joyful learning environments.

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“In this incredible resource, Dr. Jean and Carolyn prove that the possibilities of play are infinite! This is a must-have book for every early childhood educator and administrator that supports an ECE program. The authors provide refreshing and fun ideas to celebrate two important ingredients to any high quality preschool or kindergarten class, play and fun! The research that is included can be helpful for teachers who must advocate to keep play in their program and is a wonderful refresher for seasoned educators. I can’t wait to incorporate these centers at my school! ”

Drew Giles, MA
Director of Educare Programs, Educare California at Silicon Valley

“After a year of Virtual learning our children need to get back to playing! This book is a fantastic resource for a new teacher in setting up their classroom or for an experienced teacher to add innovative ideas and materials to your centers. It is a road map for success in your classroom!”

Laura Buonadonna
Preschool Teacher Downe Township Elementary School

“During my three and a half decades in school growing alongside every age and stage preK-12th grade, I repeatedly experienced this fundamental truth: Play is our ticket to engagement. And now, perfectly timed to bring our precious littles back to the basics of play, passionate educators Feldman and Kisloski have covered all of the bases for free play, structured play, purposeful play and more in this must-have playbook that hits a home run. From theory that backs up their bold assertions about the benefits of play to practical ideas, tips, and strategies for creating myriad Centers of play, this comprehensive catalyst will help transform any learning space into a hub of happiness. Check out this heavy hitter; it merits a spot on the starting line-up for educators of all ages. Play ball! ”

Barbara Gruener, B.S., M.S., M.S.
Educational Consultant and Author