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Tips for Quality Learning in Quarantine

April 15th, 2020 | 1 min. read

By Gryphon House

Whether you’re a teacher sharing educational activities with families or a parent trying to implement learning at home, early childhood expert Angela Searcy, EdD, shares tips and free online resources to support you. 

In this video, you will learn how to: 

  • Create a realistic schedule 
  • Set goals and expectations for the day 
  • Plan small pockets throughout the day for different activities 
  • Give yourself (and your child!) breaks 

Use technology to connect 

  • Take time to check in with students (if you’re a teacher) 
  • Connect with family or friends 
  • Check the news, but be mindful of how much time you spend 
  • Allow passive time for technology (e.g., watching television), but schedule in beginning and ending points

Make the most of the mundane moments 

  • Invite your child to participate in daily chores (e.g., sorting laundry, measuring ingredients in recipes, etc.)
  • Give your child a task while making a meal or a snack

Focus on interaction

  • Read a story 
  • Call family/friends 
  • Focus on the quality, not the length, of time spent together 

Have grace

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself or your child 
  • Check in with your child often to see how she feels 

Explore free online resources to support at-home learning 

  • Zoom
  • Internet essentials
  • Reading Rockets  
  • CELLPops
  • And more! 


Meet the Expert  

Angela Searcy, EdD, has more than 25 years of experience in education, providing services to children and families as a teacher, child-development specialist, and independent consultant. A former neurodevelopment specialist, she is the owner and founder of Simple Solutions Educational Services, a professional-development company. She is a trainer, a speaker, and a seminar leader at the Erikson Institute in Chicago, Illinois. She is the author of the 2019 book, Push Past It!