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Provoking Curiosity
Student-Led STEAM Learning for Pre-K to Third Grade

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Provoking Curiosity Excerpt


Provoking Curiosity
Student-Led STEAM Learning for Pre-K to Third Grade



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Provoking Curiosity

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Sure, you know that children learn best through hands-on explorations. How does that work in a real classroom? With jam-packed days and mounting expectations, you’re pressed for time and pushed to follow standards-based curricula. It’s no wonder you struggle to incorporate STEAM activites each day.

Provoking Curiosity brings new and easy-to-execute STEAM learning experiences that encourage children to think, explore, and wonder. Each exploration builds on core ideas in the STEAM disciplines, develops higher-level thinking skills, and uses readily available materials in early childhood classrooms.

Learn how to use STEAM provocations throughout your busy day:

  • Jump-start the morning
  • Decompress and reenergize midday
  • Occupy children who complete assigned classroom work early
  • Incentivize children to complete a goal
  • Transition between the busier times of day and planned classroom work times
  • End the day building children’s collaboration and communication skills
Angela Eckhoff, PhD

Angela Eckhoff, PhD, is an associate professor of Teaching and Learning–Early Childhood Education and director of the Virginia Early Childhood Policy Center at Old Dominion University. She holds a dual...

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