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Push Past It!
A Positive Approach to Challenging Classroom Behaviors

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Push Past It! Excerpt


Push Past It!
A Positive Approach to Challenging Classroom Behaviors



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Push Past It!

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Resource books often provide tips and tricks for managing challenging behaviors, but what happens when those tactics don't work? Most teachers give up. Push Past It! brings a raw, real, and at times funny approach to handling challenging behaviors and understanding why most behavior-management strategies don't work. Author Angela Searcy shares real-world examples, proven solutions, and new approaches to overcoming classroom disruptions using her PUSH PAST IT approach. Beyond behavioral-management strategies, Push Past It! will teach you how to:

  • See children's behavior as communication
  • Understand what is (and is not) developmentally appropriate behavior
  • Identify when to seek support
  • Communicate and listen more effectively
  • Help children overcome their own challenging behaviors
  • Take care of yourself too!
Angela Searcy, EdD

Angela Searcy, EdD, has more than 25 years of experience in education, providing services to children and families as a teacher, child-development specialist, and independent consultant. A former neurodevelopment specialist,...

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“This book is touching, inspiring, funny, intelligent and based on the best research available. It is a book that all educators and parents of preschoolers should read regularly. ”

Dr. Richard E. Tremblay
Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, Psychology, & Public Health; University of Montreal and University College Dublin

“"Push Past It!" is a perfect book for understanding the "why" of challenging behaviors and the "how" they can be managed using an approach that looks at both the adult and the child. I loved reading about Dr. Searcy's journey that includes relevant research because it's often sprinkled with humor and heartfelt real-life experiences. This book is a great tool for me to use as a support to teachers facing challenging behaviors in their classrooms. I also believe it's perfect for anyone who directly works with children! Love the quick ideas, handouts and checklists. It's an "everything" book!”

Marilyn Peterson
Education Consultant

“The book Push Past It! A Positive Approach to Challenging Classroom Behaviors by Dr. Angela Searcy provides a solid foundation of the subject matter with evidence-based research where educators will expand their breath, depth and application of techniques/strategies for behaviors that have been denoted as challenging preschoolers. As you read each page, you are curious of what’s on the next page. Her sense of humor is exhilarating as you are reading each page. While reading the book, one will conduct self-reflections on statements made or heard from others related to students’ behaviors. Dr. Searcy’s personal experiences are relatable and realistic to what classroom teachers are faced with daily. Various analogies are used through uplifting, inspiring, encouraging, and stimulating towards better planning of student’s individualized challenging behavior(s). Readers can visualize and incorporate the Adult Behavior Laundry list, reflective exercises along with the 5R Cycle toward students’ learning through developmentally appropriate practices. Every early childhood educator and administrator should have this book in their classroom or office and discuss during professional learning community meetings. Also, I would strongly recommend that the book be included on syllabi of courses that specifically relate to Introduction to Early Childhood, Child Guidance, Challenging Behaviors and Child Development to give adult learners (students) additional resources in their challenging behaviors toolkit. ”

Dr. Brenda K. Williamson
Educational Consultant and Adjunct Professor, Early Childhood Education department, Durham Technical Community College