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Lesson Plan Idea: Rhyming Words

Rhyming Words Lesson Plan Idea

Rhyming words for kids is a great way to teach them early literacy skills. You can begin practicing rhyming words with toddlers using simple, repetitive nursery rhymes. There's no right or wrong way how to teach rhyming words, but adding a song or chant helps little learners catch on.

From the popular activity book, Do You Know the Muffin Man?, Gryphon House authors Pam Schiller and Thomas Moore offer hundreds of rhythm and rhyming activities that are perfect for the preschool classroom.


I Love the Mountains

(Tune: Traditional)

I love the mountains.

I love the rolling hills.

I love the flowers.

I love the daffodils.

Boom-de-otta, boom-de-otta,

Boom-de-otta, boom-de-otta. Boom!

Literacy Activities:

Discuss the difference between mountains and hills. Which are bigger? What are rolling hills?

  1. If available, show the children pictures of beautiful things in nature, such as trees, mountains, fields of flowers, lightening storms, and so forth. Use the photos to stimulate conversation about what they think are beautiful things in nature.
  2. Teach the children the American Sign Language sign for mountains, hills, flowers, and love. Try singing the song and using the signs at the same time.
  3. Invite the children to sing the song, substituting "like" for "love." Try substituting "see" for "love." Does changing a word change the impact of the song? Cant he children think of another word to substitute?

Print Awareness:

  1. Write the word "love" on chart paper. Ask children to name some things that they love. Make a list of their responses and read the list out loud when you are finished.

For more great literacy and language activities using favorite rhymes and songs, check out Do You Know the Muffin Man?

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