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Books for Working with Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Classrooms

April 26th, 2023 | 2 min. read

By Jaimee Council

Challenging behaviors in the early childhood classroom can disrupt schedules and derail lesson plans. In this list, you will find books to help you understand what children are communicating through their behavior, guide you in establishing developmentally appropriate behavior guidance policies, and give you strategies for the toughest behavioral issues based on the latest research and evidence based practices.



Effective Discipline Policies

How to Create a System that Supports Young Children’s Social-Emotional Competence

Effective Discipline Policies will show you how to build a system that supports positive social interactions from the very beginning of the school year by crafting a developmentally appropriate, consistent, effective behavioral guidance policy.

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Developing and Implementing Effective Discipline Policies

 A Practical Guide for Early Childhood Consultants, Coaches, and Leaders

Learn how to rethink discipline policies, strengthen team spirit, and implement policy changes with Developing and Implementing Effective Discipline Policies, the workbook companion to the award-winning book Effective Discipline Policies

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Push Past It!

A Positive Approach to Challenging Classroom Behaviors

Push Past It! provides early educators with tools to help children overcome their own challenging behaviors by understanding their behavior as communication. Author Angela Seracy offers go-to, real-world examples and solutions to utilize when other behavior-management strategies aren't working.

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When Nothing Else Works

What Early Childhood Professionals Can Do to Reduce Challenging Behaviors

Based on the latest behavioral research, When Nothing Else Works helps explain why certain strategies are successful in behavior management and others are not, as well as offers numerous creative strategies and techniques for early intervention of challenging behavior.

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Preschool Classroom Management

150 Teacher-Tested Techniques

Preschool Classroom Management addresses the issue of challenging behavior by helping teachers build a positive, caring community in the classroom. With teacher tips and techniques from dealing with daily routines and schedules to teaching alternative behaviors, this is an essential resource for classroom management.

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Beyond Behavior Management

The Six Life Skills Children Need

With the understanding that there is no “one size fits all” approach for behavior management, Beyond Behavior Management trains teachers to provide children with the social and emotional tools needed to grow and thrive on their own. This proactive, strength based approach manges challenging behavior by teaching essential life skills so that children learn to flourish in community settings.

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From Biting to Hugging

Understanding Social Development in Infants and Toddlers

From Biting to Hugging gives effective strategies to encourage social emotional development and enhance the quality of peer experiences in infant/toddler group settings.

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The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book for Preschool Classrooms

For Preschool Classrooms

By creating a climate of mutual respect, teachers can help children learn to develop empathy and treat others fairly and kindly, and to stand up for themselves and their friends in safe and developmentally appropriate ways. The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book will help teachers create a school environment in which all children feel comfortable, safe, and welcome.

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Wired to Move

Facts and Strategies for Nurturing Boys in an Early Childhood Setting

Based on the latest brain research, Wired to Move gives early childhood educators insight into the young boys’ brain and how they learn, as well as practical strategies to more effectively support and teach them.

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Jaimee Council

A graduate of Appalachian State University with B.S. in Communication - Electronic Media and Broadcasting, Jaimee Council served a content strategy team lead for Gryphon House and Kaplan Early Learning Company from 2021-2022. Her talents include writing, photography, video production, audio production, blog management, website content management, social media management, some design, and data analytics for websites, social media, and customer relationship databases.