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5 Strategies for Developing a Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum

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comprehensive preschool curriculum is more than a collection of activities and ideas, or simply a list of facts. It should include a broad focus of topics from the relationship between the teacher and child and family to integration of room arrangement. Here are 5 essential components to creating a comprehensive preschool curriculum:

1. Child development theory, research, and best practices

The foundation for an early childhood curriculum should be child development theory, research, and best practices. Topics such as primary teaching, literacy development, and theories about the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of preschoolers are essential components of a curriculum.


2. Interactive experiences

The type and quality of interactive experiences children have with others is an important component of curriculum. Many opportunities occur to capitalize on children’s experiences as they happen during the school day. Because capitalizing on these experiences is so important, they should appear in curriculum plans as prompts for these crucial, often spontaneous experiences.


3. Observation and assessment

Understanding each child’s developmental age and stage, temperament, learning style, play interests, play themes, interactive style, and other characteristics forms the foundation of curriculum tailored to meet individual as well as group needs.


4. Family partnerships

Creating a partnership with families is a crucial professional and curriculum planning skill. As a teacher, understanding the unique cultural characteristics of families is important in creating a respectful, reciprocal relationship.


5. Environments

The environment is a powerful contributor to children’s learning. Teachers must create environments that support children’s learning and growth and stimulate the wide range of play behaviors conducive to a beneficial early childhood experience.


If the thought of creating your own curriculum is overwhelming have no fear! The Innovations series combines all of these components into a seamless, comprehensive, developmental approach to early childhood education for children from birth to five years of age. Learn more here.

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