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Toddler Classroom Activities for the Holidays

Toddler Classroom Activities for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner! That means it’s the season of ornament crafts, holiday songs, and a whole host of other toddler holiday crafts! Regardless of what holiday your children celebrate, December is bursting with potential craft ideas and new themes for the classroom. It’s the season of snow, gift giving, and general good cheer, so why not channel all that positive energy into something educational?

The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities by Kathy Charner, Maureen Murphy, and Charlie Clark features countless activities that can be adapted into toddler holiday activities. These simple crafts and experiments are perfect for young children ages 2 to 4. Tis the season to get creative and start learning!




  • A Christmas tree with lights, or an electric menorah
  • A power bar with a discernable on and off switch that the lights can be plugged into

What to Do:

  1. Go over the ideas of off and on by showing the children the light switches in the room. Make sure to say on when the lights come on and vice versa
  2. After the main lights are off, bring the children over to the Christmas tree or menorah. Show them the switch on the power bar and then repeat the exercise with the holiday-themed lights
  3. Let the children take turns flipping the switch. Talk to them about the lights and try to get the children to describe what they’re seeing


Magic Surprise


  • An empty square tissue box wrapped up to look like a present
  • Several colorful, seasonal-print handkerchiefs

What to Do:

  1. Carefully tie the all the handkerchiefs together at one corner to create a very long rope of handkerchiefs
  2. Stuff the handkerchief chain into the tissue box, leaving a little bit sticking out of the opening
  3. Show the children the box and say there is a surprise. Set it down and let one of the children start pulling out the handkerchiefs
  4. Comment as the children explore the box. Describe the handkerchiefs as each one is unveiled and encourage the children to do the same
  5. When the game is done, untie the handkerchiefs and give one to each child as a gift!


Snow Action Rhymes



What to Do:

Recite the following two rhymes, making the necessary gestures when indicated. After a while, encourage the children to say the rhymes with you and move their hands in time to the rhythm


Snowflakes falling on the ground (wiggle fingers from high to low)

Snowflakes falling all around (wiggle fingers around the body)

Snowflakes falling, one, two, three (count on fingers)

Snowflakes fall on you and me! (point to a child, then to yourself)


One little snowflake fell on my hat (show one finger and point to head)

Two little snowflakes fell on my cat (show two fingers)

Three little snowflakes fell on a tree (show three fingers)

Four little snowflakes fell on me! (show four fingers, then point to self)


Holiday Gifts


  • Cardboard boxes of various sizes (preferably no larger than a shoebox)
  • Pieces of pre-cut wrapping paper
  • Ribbons and bows
  • Markers and crayons
  • White card stock (8.5” x 11”) folded in half
  • Transparent tape

What to Do:

  1. Set up a small table with the materials
  2. Have the children take turns choosing a box and wrapping it. Let them decorate it with ribbons, crayons, and markers
  3. Invite the children to create cards using the white cardstock and attach the cards to the “gifts”
  4. Later, during dramatic playtime, encourage the children to pretend it is Christmas, Hanukah, or any other gift-giving holiday and exchange gifts. Ask them what they think their gifts are.

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