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Lesson Plans for Preschool Teachers

Lesson Plans for Preschool Teachers

Full of fun and engaging lesson plans for preschoolers, The GIANT Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans by Kathy Charner, Charlie Clark, and Maureen Murphy, is a great resource for finding a range of early childhood lesson plans for toddlers. Comprised of teacher-made lesson plans for toddlers and older kids, the book shows the importance of planning ahead, being flexible, and providing an enriching classroom experience for your learners.

In their book, Charner, Clark, and Murphy state that “lesson planning does not come naturally to many teachers.” However, with practice, your ability to organize, present effective activities, and create quality lesson plans will increase.

Lessons for preschoolers should be engaging and push children to interact with their environments in new and exciting ways on a daily basis. Giving yourself at least 48 hours to prepare a lesson plan will help you avoid making lessons on the run, and make the activity more enjoyable for you and your students. If you don’t allow yourself enough time to create your lesson, then you won’t be able to accommodate the different learning styles and needs of individual students, which is the most important aspect of any lesson plan.

Luckily, this book full of lesson plans makes your job easy! Created by fellow teachers, this Gryphon House best-seller is a wonderful resource that not only allows you to see your own potential as an effective and timely lesson planner, but also inspire you to create your own fun and interactive lessons. 

Find more great lesson plans in The GIANT Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans

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