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Fun Art Games for Kids This Summer

Art Games for Kids

In these fun arts and crafts ideas for summer, parents and kids can take advantage of the warm weather and get creative outside! The summer months are notorious for afternoon rain showers so we’ll use those to as an opportunity to do some kids summer crafts that will keep them learning and exploring despite the weather. These two art activities for toddlers were taken from the popular First Art for Toddlers and Twos.


Rainy Day Spray

Shower curtains are meant to be wet, so why not use one as a canvas for rainy artwork?


  • Empty, clean spice shaker jars or salt and pepper jars
  • Old plastic shower curtain
  • Powdered tempera paint
  • Rainy day (if there is no rain, fill a misting bottle with water)
  • Scissors
  • Shoebox or basket

Prepare (Adult)         

  • Wait to do this activity outdoors on a mildly rainy day (no big wind, and no thunder and lightning!). Wear any rain gear necessary.
  • Cut a shower curtain into individual squares that a child can carry, perhaps 12” x 12”.
  • Put different colors of powdered tempera paints into empty spice shakers or salt and pepper shakers.
  • Place the shakers in a shoebox or basket for carrying.
  • When done, help the children carry the art back inside, and let it dry.

Process (Child)

  • Carry the plastic squares and paints outdoors.
  • Place the squares on the grass or sidewalk.
  • Sprinkle different colors of powdered tempera on the squares. (Drops of liquid tempera paint work, too.)
  • Let the raindrops plop on the plastic, bringing the powdered paint to life. Colors will mix and blend on their own.


  • Some children will find it easier to carry their plastic square on a cookie sheet or plastic tray.
  • Do not be too surprised—most children will want to put their fingers into the wet paint!


Chalk & Water Drawings

Dip colored chalk into water, and draw. It’s so easy! For even more fun, find a puddle of water on the sidewalk, and scribble in it. When chalk is wet, it has a different texture and makes thicker and softer-looking lines.


  • Berry basket, soup can, or basket
  • Colored chalk (big sidewalk chalk or poster chalk is best)
  • Old scrub brush, optional
  • Sidewalk, driveway, or patio
  • Small bucket of water or a puddle
  • Sturdy wide paintbrush

Prepare (Adult)

  • Partially fill a bucket with water, making sure it is light enough for a child to carry easily. Or if possible, find an outdoor puddle on a sidewalk.
  • Plunk a big, fat brush into the bucket, or place one next to the puddle.
  • Put chalk sticks into a berry basket, soup can, or basket, and head outdoors. (Carry the chalk for the children.)

Process (Child)

  • Dip a stick of chalk into the bucket of water or puddle and scribble on the sidewalk.
  • Pour a small puddle of water on the sidewalk, and scribble with a stick of chalk in the puddle.
  • Put the brush directly into a natural puddle.
  • Brush water over chalk lines using a fat paintbrush to blur the lines.
  • Scrub off the chalk using an old scrub brush, and then start all over again. (Some children love scrubbing. This is a good skill to practice for other potentially messy projects!) 


  • Use small buckets of water that the children can carry around independently. Fill each bucket only a few inches deep so children can lift and carry it easily.
  • Wrap masking tape around one end of a chalk stick if children do not like the feel of chalk on their fingers.

If you’re looking for more art games for kids of all ages, First Art for Toddlers and Twos is perfect for those little learners, while Preschool Art is great for three and four-year-olds. Shop more art books.

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