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Fun Art Activities for Fall

Fun Art Activities for Fall | Gryphon House

The air is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. That means fall is here! Fall is a great time for art activities because there are suddenly so many new colors to draw and paint, and preschooler’s avid curiosity draws them to the changing trees and falling leaves. Add Halloween and Thanksgiving to the autumn mix, and there are so many opportunities to get creative! Preschool fall activities can include making a fall leaves drawing, painting pictures using the bright colors of the leaves, or enjoying the cool air as kids make chalk rubbings of plants or tree bark outside.

The GIANT Encyclopedia of Art & Craft Activities for Ages 3 to 6 by Kathy Charner includes a seasonal section full of fun fall activities. From making spooky ghosts to stained-glass leaves, these easy fall art activities are perfect for a preschool classroom. Below are just a few to brighten up your learning space this autumn!


Autumn Leaves

What to Do:

  1. Spread out the butcher paper and, in the center, draw a tree with bare branches
  2. Have the children paint the tree trunk and branches brown
  3. Once the tree dries, invite the children to brush the bright autumn paint on their hands and put their handprints on the tree like leaves
  4. Encourage the children to use multiple colors and place their “leaves” on the branches and falling from the tree
  5. Let dry and display in the classroom!


Seeds of Fall


  • Sunflowers with their seeds
  • Indian corn
  • Trays
  • Cardboard or tag board
  • Glue

What to Do:

  1. Let the children examine the sunflowers and corn by looking and feeling them
  2. Once the children have seen and handled the objects, explain how you will be removing the seeds. If you want, take this as an opportunity to describe what seeds are and how they grow
  3. Have the children remove the seeds from both plants and place them in the tray
  4. Let the children experiment laying the seeds on their cardboard in various designs. Once each child finds a design they like, attach the seeds with glue and let dry
  5. Hang the seed art around the classroom or let the children take theirs home to show their parents




What to Do:

  1. Give each child a paper bag and have them stuff it with newspaper
  2. Once the bags are full and round, pinch them at the top and bind with rubber bands
  3. Have the children paint their pumpkins with orange, yellow, or green paint
  4. Let the bags dry and then give the children the black marker to draw faces on their Jack-O-Lanterns


Tissue Square Trees


What to Do:

  1. Spread the newspaper to protect your work surface
  2. Give each child a piece of wax paper and have them apply liquid starch all over the surface of the paper
  3. Cover the center of the wax paper with the tissue squares, overlapping them and using a variety of colors
  4. Once the center of the paper is covered, apply a coat of starch over the tissue squares
  5. While the tissue is drying, give each child two pieces of construction paper. On one piece, have the children draw a picture of a tree trunk and foliage in crayon
  6. Clip the two pieces of black paper together and use the hole-puncher to place a hole on the outline. This will provide an opening for your scissors
  7. Cut along the outline of the tree on both sheets of paper
  8. Return the now-dry wax paper to the children and have them place it between the two sheets of construction paper, positioning the colors to show in the tree-shaped opening. Staple all three layers together
  9. Display around the classroom for the fall!

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