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Engaging Literacy Games

Engaging Literacy Games

A common struggle educators face is that educational games are sometimes not fun or engaging enough for little learners. Interactive literacy games are one solution to this problem, and Pam Schiller’s book, Creating Readers, provides several exciting literacy games guaranteed to excite your students.

In Creating Readers, Schiller shows how children learn through play, developing their reading and spelling skills in many different ways.

Below are some activities Schiller used in her book to promote interactive literacy in creative ways. Click here for more!



Rime Time (Tune: “The Addams Family”)

Rime Time, rime time,

Rime Time, rime time, rime time.


There’s can and there’s pan,

There’s fan and there’s ran.

There’s man and there’s tan,

The “a-n” family.


Pet, jet, vet, net, let, set…

Like, hike, bike, mike, trike, pike…

Pot, dot, hot, not, lot, got…

Ball, call, hall, fall, tall, mall…

Sit, lit, hit, kit, fit, pit…

Book, look, cook, hook, took, nook…

Activity Connection: Help children come up with other same sound families.


Tongue Twisters:

The Baker

If a baker bakes for another baker,

Does the baker who bakes,  

Bake the same way as the baker she is baking for?

Activity Connection: Can you write the same rhyme for a teacher, a doctor, or an actor?


The simple activities, rhymes and tongue twisters in Creating Readers offers students wonderful ways to establish solid foundations for reading and spelling.  

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