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Adorable Infant Craft Ideas

Adorable infant craft ideas

It may seem strange to think of infant craft ideas or infant art projects as normal ways to encourage cognitive development. But art activities for infants don't have to be traditional or complicated. Gryphon House books offer free infant activities for all developmental areas.

Naturally curious, babies and young children are always exploring and seeking stimulation for their growing brains. Various studies have proven that babies and children who are exposed to, and enjoy, a stimulating home environment tend to learn better and faster.

In her book, First Art for Toddlers and Twos, MaryAnn F. Kohl offers fun and interesting infant crafts that will help improve various parts of your baby’s development from concentration to social skills.

Below is an exciting infant craft idea you can share with your little one- click to find more!


Paper Stain Painting

Painting without paint is a magical surprise for children. All you need is some crepe paper leftover from a birthday party and a little water.


  • Crepe paper streamer, any color
  • Dish
  • Paper
  • Scissors, optional
  • Tape
  • Water

Prepare (Adult)

Roll a streamer of crepe paper into a tight “stick” or tube shaper, and then tape it together on one end. The crepe paper stick should be about the size of a fat crayon.
Place a sheet of paper on the worktable, and put a plain dish of water next to it. Place the crepe paper stick next to the dish. If you have more than one color of crepe paper, make as many stick rolls as you like.

Process (Child) 

Dip the crepe paper stick into the water, and “paint” with it on the plain paper. The color dye from the crepe paper will stain the paper.
If the roll gets too soggy, snip off the end.  Continue to dip the new edge in water.


Crepe paper is very bright and can stain fingers. It washes off within a few days.


Roll up a piece of art tissue. Dip the end into water, and rub it on a piece of paper. Or moisten the paper first, and then color over it with a rolled-up piece of art tissue.
Tear scraps of art tissue into big pieces. Place the pieces on a sheet of paper, paint over them with water, and then peel them off. The art tissue will leave stained designs on the paper. Or, leave the scraps on the paper to dry. 


Find more great creative activities in First Art for Toddlers and Twos!

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