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4th of July Activities for Preschoolers

Fourth of July Activities for Preschoolers | Gryphon House

With the 4th of July just around the corner, preschool crafts are a great way for your students to have fun and learn while celebrating this summer holiday! Preschool activities help build fundamental skills and instill a sense of creativity within children, helping them develop cognitively and socially.

Preschool Art is full of activities and crafts you can use in your preschool classroom. Easily adaptable to fit the theme of the 4th of July, these preschool crafts are sure to be a hit with your little learners. 


Have your students create their own fireworks for the 4th of July with this collage activity!


Confetti Explosion


Art Process:

  1. Draw a design with glue on the black paper.
  2. Sprinkle confetti into the glue design. Place confetti and dots one at a time in glue, or sprinkle confetti and dots all over the glue all at once.
  3. Dry the project completely.


  • Use bits of tissue, cotton balls, beads or other collage items instead of confetti.
  • Fill a cookie pan about one-quarter inch deep with confetti. Make a glue design on paper, turn the paper over and press the paper into the confetti. Turn right side up and dry.
  • Place a glue design in the bottom of a tub of confetti. Scoop confetti over the glue design. Shake off the excess confetti. Dry the project completely.


  • Use a damp cotton swab to lift a piece of confetti and place it on the glue design. This makes placing individual pieces of confetti easier than trying to pick them up by hand.
  • If creating a larger design, work on small parts one at a time, so glue doesn’t dry out.


Have your students help decorate for the 4th of July outdoors with this sculpture activity!

Fence Weaving


  • Fence (chain link fences work well)
  • Items for weaving such as crepe paper, strips of fabric, rope, ribbon, lace, strips of newsprint, other paper or yarn

Art Process:

  1. Find a fence that is comfortable to reach and easy to stand beside.
  2. Weave and wrap materials through the fence.
  3. Continue to adding decorations and weaving until the fence is woven and decorated as desired.
  4. Remove the weaving before it rains, but enjoy it as long as possible.


  • Make a swing-set or playground equipment weaving.
  • Plan the fence weaving as part of a party, play or special event.


  • One trick to making weaving easier for young artist is to keep the strips fairly short (not more than two to three feet in length).
  • Another more challenging weaving approach is to roll the strips in a ball and place them in a container with a hole at the top. The artist feeds the strips through the fence wire, unrolling it from the container.


Throw your own 4th of July parade with your preschoolers with this construction activity!



  • Tricycles, bikes, big wheels, scooters or wagons
  • Decorating materials including crepe paper, balloons, tin cans, aluminum pie plates, flags, streamers, yarn, and string
  • Masking tape

Art Process:

1. Decorate tricycles or other riding or pulling toys for a parade.

2. Some decorating ideas are:

  • Weave crepe paper through bicycle spokes
  • Tie balloons or streamers to handle bars
  • Make a float in a wagon
  • Hang noisy cans or pie plates from bikes

3. Start a parade around the playground, park or down the neighborhood sidewalks.

4. Add marching people (decorate them too!), rhythm instruments or noisemakers to the parade.


  • Parades can have a holiday or celebration theme.
  • Invite pets to join the parade.
  • March to music from a tape recorder.


  • Some children have no concept of staying in line or “following the leader” in a parade setting. Stage a brief practice time before decorating. This will help to alleviate confusion later. Straight lines are not important, but a parade needs some form. The artists can decide how they wish the parade to form and proceed.

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