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Why Do Children Need Social Skills?

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Children can grow, discover, and learn best when they develop social and emotional skills early in life. Why? The sooner they learn the skills necessary to navigate life sucessfully, the better! You can teach your child, or children in your classroom, social skills that build their resilience and social-emotional development in your daily routine. 


What Is Social Development?

Social development involves learning to form and value relationships with others. First friendships and the development of social skills go hand-in-hand in the early years. Teachers and parents alike can promote these important social behaviors in young children by helping them establish and maintain friendships.

What is Emotional Development?

Emotional development is closely related to social development and refers to how a child feels about himself or herself, about the people in his or her life, and about the environment in which he or she plays and lives. Both positive and negative emotions are important. Teachers and parents can help children understand, identify, and deal with their strong emotions and feelings.

3 Ways to Promote Resilience Using Daily Routine:

  1. Establish and maintain a predictable schedule and consistent daily routines.
  2. Help children learn to be flexible when circumstances arise that will alter the regular routine of the day.
  3. Provide time in the daily schedule to expend energy and time to relax

For more information on the social-emotional development of young children and how you can help promote resilience, Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure offers ways to help children live and learn their way into social and emotional resilience while having fun!

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