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Health and Safety Checklist for Preschools

January 20th, 2022 | 1 min. read

By Jaimee Council

One of the most important things that early childhood educators do is protect and promote the health and safety of young children. This includes preventing harm to children from known safety risks as well as promoting children's medical, nutrition, oral, and mental health. 

As program directors and teachers, you must be able to protect children from harm and promote the health and well-being of not only the children and other staff members, but also the families. Whether you are implementing regular site safety checks or making sure proper handwashing is taking place, you are taking simple steps that can produce major health gains for your program. 

The Gryphon House book Preschool Health and Safety Matters by Jody Martin can help you on this journey by providing simple solutions for parents and teachers wishing to encourage health and wellbeing while supporting child safety practices. Preschool Health and Safety Matters is an easy-to-use manual full of information educators can use to ensure that children are safe in their care, involve families at home, and learn more about topics including health, hygiene, disease prevention, safety, injury prevention indoors, mental health, diversity in the classroom, nutrition, food safety, fitness, transportation and pedestrian safety, and emergency preparedness. 

In her book, Jody Martin discusses many best practices for health and safety, including selecting or developing a safety checklist. This checklist should include indoor child areas, exits and hallways, eating areas, toileting areas, playgrounds, and transportation. It is important to monitor all areas using the checklist regularly—at least every six months! Below is the link to a health and safety checklist from the book, Preschool Health and Safety Matters, that you can download and begin using in your preschool today. 

For best practices to keep children safe and healthy, get the book Preschool Health and Safety Matters.

[Preschool Health and Safety Checklist—DOWNLOAD]

PDF from Preschool Health and Safety Matters by Jody Martin.

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Jaimee Council

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