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Books for Cultivating Values in Young Children

November 15th, 2021 | 2 min. read

By Jaimee Council

Young children learn best by doing, and that includes learning basic values like compassion, cooperation, fairness, honesty, loyalty, pride, respect, responsibility, and self-regulation. In the list below, you will discover resources filled with information, activities, and experiences to help children develop social values at home or in early learning environments.



From Biting to Hugging

Understanding Social Development in Infants and Toddlers

From Biting to Hugging will give you effective strategies to enhance the quality of peer experiences in infant/toddler group settings, create responsive adult-child relationships and environments, and encourage positive social emotional development and learning.

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Social Development of Three- and Four-Year Olds

Social Development for Three- and Four-Year-Olds highlights the milestones children tend to reach during the preschool years as they develop socially. You will discover strategies for supporting and nurturing their growth, especially in situations involving various social skills.

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The Power of Presence

A Guide to Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood

A more peaceful, present learning environment will help children to reclaim their safe, joyful, confident, and competent approach to learning. The Power of Presence: A Guide to Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood offers insight and information to help you transform your teaching by learning how to pause, notice your surroundings, and simply be. The adults in the children’s lives, whether families or educators, will also thrive in this mindful approach with more patience, focus, and confidence.

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Simple Acts

The Busy Family's Guide to Giving Back

Teaching young children to be socially conscious, community-oriented, and eager to volunteer seems like a daunting task, especially for busy families with children of varying ages. Simple Acts brings busy parents practical, easy-to-do ideas to involve the whole family in volunteering and helping others in the community.

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Seven Skills for School Success

Activities to Develop Social & Emotional Intelligence in Young Children

Best-selling author Pam Schiller provides information, activities, and experiences that develop the seven skills children need in order to become successful learners. These include the ability to relate to and play with others, express feelings, and understand how others feel. Strengthen the foundation children need to become successful learners with the seven key components in this practical, easy-to-use book! 

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The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book for Preschool Classrooms

For Preschool Classrooms

By creating a climate of mutual respect, teachers can help children learn to develop empathy and treat others fairly and kindly, and to stand up for themselves and their friends in safe and developmentally appropriate ways. The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book will help teachers create a school environment in which all children feel comfortable, safe, and welcome.

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101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make

From the card to the wrapping paper, and everything in between, 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make has dozens of unique gift ideas that will make gift-giving meaningful again!

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The Simpler Family

A Book of Smart Choices and Small Comforts for Families Who Do Too Much

The Simpler Family shows families how to make their dreams come true by making smart choices about the way they spend their time and money. Its proven, real-life strategies help families increase their free time together, reduce stress on parents and children, improve parents' work/life balance, increase healthfulness and save time and money.

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Around the Family Table

365 Mealtime Conversations for Parents and Children

Around the Family Table contains 365 intriguing questions guaranteed to spark lively discussions between parents and children. Families can establish a valuable, enriching tradition of spirited mealtime conversation that will bring them closer with every question.

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Good Clean Fun

Good Clean Fun is over 70 of the best, most creative games ever for kids aged  4 to 10 and their parents.  It's memory games, imagination games, conversation games, games about letters, games about numbers, and more. And most games don't require any materials at all!

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Jaimee Council

A graduate of Appalachian State University with B.S. in Communication - Electronic Media and Broadcasting, Jaimee Council served a content strategy team lead for Gryphon House and Kaplan Early Learning Company from 2021-2022. Her talents include writing, photography, video production, audio production, blog management, website content management, social media management, some design, and data analytics for websites, social media, and customer relationship databases.