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Teddy bear walks, sidewalk art and more!

You may have noticed on your walks these past couple of weeks that there are many—furry—friendly faces smiling at you from windows or front porches. Or, that the typical gray sidewalk is covered in beautiful drawings and messages. 

Children (and adults!) are taking to their front windows, porches and sidewalk to carefully place stuffed animals, rainbows, teddy bears, and sidewalk art to share hope, inspiration and kindness.


During a period of “shelter in place,” when we’ve been tasked with practicing social distance, working from home, and homeschooling our children, you might guess lightheartedness and fun are quite welcome. What’s more, it’s a great learning opportunity!

Take breaks throughout the day to take your child on a walk. Instead of treating it as a way to get from one place to the next, or a time to check your email, use this time for deep connection, learning and inspiration. As you walk around your neighborhood, invite your child to join you in a neighborhood scavenger hunt! Have your child search for the stuffed animals. Or, grab some sidewalk chalk or a stuffed animal and decorate your front porch!

Find more ideas to explore the many rich learning opportunities outside your front door in Little Walks, Big Adventures. And, hear directly from Erin Buhr, MEd, about how to experience the magic of outdoor learning during a shelter in place.

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