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Math Activities for Preschoolers

Math Activities for Preschoolers

Math games for preschoolers are an excellent way to make STEM learning fun! An important part of any education, math for preschoolers lays the foundation for thought processes and math understanding for years to come. Preschool Math, by Bob Williams, Debra Cunningham, and Joy Lubway, offers a range of preschool math activities and is full of helpful suggestions for teachers on how to include math activities for preschoolers in their everyday lessons.

Some teachers may wonder exactly why math for preschoolers is so important. Preschool Math has the answer! An early introduction to math is crucial to development as it stimulates different parts of the brain and allows children to explore their analytical sides in new ways. According to Preschool Math, “spontaneous, explorative, and imaginative play is an essential ingredient in the life of a young child.” Encouraging this within your students is a wonderful way to help them enjoy math while developing other skills.

Math games aren’t only for learning math! Social play between children during these games not only helps them learn math in a creative way, but also develops their social emotional skills. Allowing children to form groups in which to play these games, or asking the entire class to participate also helps develop problem solving skills as well as critical thinking.

The benefits of STEM learning aren’t just limited to science and math. By inspiring your students with fun math games and activities, you’re allowing them to observe, reflect, learn, and grow through their imaginations- something students can apply to all areas of learning. 

Find more great math activities in Preschool Math!

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