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Exploring and Creating Patterns with Numbers

January 20th, 2016 | 1 min. read

By Anna Wilmoth

Exploring and Creating Patterns with Numbers

Math activities for preschoolers are a wonderful way for educators to add some fun to their preschool math lessons. Preschool Math, by Bob Williams, Debra Cunningham, and Joy Lubway, is full of creative activities that explore how to find pattern in numbers, and use number sequences to teach preschoolers other math skills.

“Spontaneous, explorative, and imaginative play is an essential ingredient in the life of the young child.” From pattern blocks and mosaics, to sewing patterns on cloth, teaching patterns to your students is a creative way to actively engage them and allow them to use a little imagination in the typically rigid subject of math.

Overall, making patterns, recognizing number sequences, and looking for patterns in their environments are essential mathematical skills. Not always symmetrical or repeated, patterns offer endless possibilities for exploration in your classroom and also develop their other skills such as spatial awareness and counting.

Encourage the developing creativity and math skills of your little learners today, with Preschool Math.

Author(s)Joy Lubawy, Robert A. Williams

Anna Wilmoth

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