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Math Activities for Babies: “One, Two” and “Fast and Slow Rhythms”

June 16th, 2015 | 1 min. read

By Jenna Roby

Introduce important mathematical concepts with these two math games for babies!  These math games for kids use early music experiences to introduce counting and patterning to infants.


One, Two

  • Sit with your baby on the floor.
  • Make up rhymes as you hold your baby’s hand and let him touch different parts of your body.
  • Here are some ideas:

One, two, three, touch my knee.

Yellow, red, touch my head.

Dippity dips, touch my lips.

Apples, pears, touch my hair.

  • Each time you say the part of the body, put your child’s hand on that part. When you say, “One, two, three, touch my knee,” put your baby’s hand on your knee.
  • Reverse the game, and touch your baby as you say the rhyme.


What brain research says:

Babies need touching experiences to grow the brain and grow the body, these experiences are just as critical as nutrients and vitamins.


Fast and Slow Rhythms

  • Give your baby some wooden spoons or rhythm sticks.
  • Put your little one in a high chair, or have him sit on the floor.
  • You should have some wooden spoons or rhythm sticks, too.
  • Sing a song such as “The Wheels on the Bus,” and tap the sticks to the beat of the song.
  • Encourage your baby to tap his sticks, too.
  • Sing the same song faster, and tap your sticks faster.
  • Sing the song slowly, and tap your sticks slowly.
  • Your baby will enjoy watching you tap the sticks faster and slower and will begin to understand the concepts of fast and slow.


What brain research says:

Early music experiences increase and enhance spatial-temporal reasoning and the learning of mathematical concepts.


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Jenna Roby

A graduate of High Point University, Jenna Roby served as marketing specialist for Gryphon House from 2013-2015.