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Wednesday Word: Help

Gryphon House | Wednesday Word

Why is asking for help such a difficult thing to do? Why do we feel as if we can do it all and then harbor resentment and anger because we feel stretched and frustrated? When will we learn that asking for help does not mean we are weak and incompetent? In fact, knowing when to ask for help is a sign of maturity and professionalism. Knowing when to offer help and assistance is a sign of attunement to others. Listen carefully for the response, because the reality of “I can do it myself” often means, “Please help me, but I am afraid to ask. “ Perhaps we should frame our responses more specifically: ”How about if I do _____________, and you do_____________. Would that be helpful?” Work diligently as a team member to tune into others and set up communication signals to help each other know when supports and help are needed.


In loving memory of Gryphon House author Leanne Grace, MEd, we are sharing pieces of her inspirational writing every Wednesday. Leanne was the director of professional development at Hildebrandt Learning Centers and a lifelong advocate for early childhood education.  She inspired the early childhood community to prepare children as lifelong learners with her ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. One person can make a difference, and Leanne did just that. She will be sorely missed.