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Wednesday Word: Fuel

Wednesday Word: Fuel | Gryphon House

You are the single most important fuel that ignites children’s drive to learn and discover the world around them. You are the driving force that will help make the world a better place because you’ve fueled the fire of lifelong learning for future teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, poets, mechanics, technology experts, artists, politicians, and scientists. Remember to fuel your own learning. Be curious. Wonder out loud. Exude the excitement of discovery, and create similar opportunities for the children in your care. The future of the world depends on it.


Leanne Grace | Gryphon House

In loving memory of Gryphon House author Leanne Grace, MEd, we are sharing pieces of her inspirational writing every Wednesday. Leanne was the director of professional development at Hildebrandt Learning Centers and a lifelong advocate for early childhood education.  She inspired the early childhood community to prepare children as lifelong learners with her ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. One person can make a difference, and Leanne did just that. She will be sorely missed.