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Our Favorite Preschool Math Books

Our Favorite Preschool Math Books

Many educators, when looking for books for preschoolers, find themselves asking: What makes preschool math books different than other preschool teacher resources? Preschool Math, written by Debbie Cunningham, Joy Lubway, and Robert A. Williams provides teachers an answer to that question with its distinctive approach to math education.

Focused on “teaching children to use their senses and bodies to explore ideas,” Preschool Math takes a novel and playful approach to math education. The book uses traditional scientific methods such as exploration, testing, and problem solving to teach math. But, alongside the traditional approach is the “clever use of beautiful, yet common materials,” and the everyday environments of students to inspire them to look at their actions and surroundings in a mathematical way.

“Spontaneous, explorative, and imaginative play is an essential ingredient in the life of the young child.” Uniquely incorporating this philosophy in its activities, Preschool Math presents math “as seen through the eyes of young children” ready to play and learn in a variety of ways.   

Find all the great STEM activities needed for the pre-kindergarten classrom in Preschool Math!

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