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Our Favorite Preschool Lesson Plan Resource Books

Preschool Teacher Resource Books

At Gryphon House, we’re passionate about bringing teachers and parents the latest research-based preschool educational resources. Our staff picks are a selection of preschool teacher resource books that you may have missed. From social studies lesson plans to science activities for kids, these instructional strategies have been hand picked by our staff just for you.


The stimulating activities in Hands-On Science and Math give children a chance to experiment using their senses. You can see the wonder on their faces as they see liquids change color, feel matter change from powder to pretend snow, and taste homemade ice cream. Author Beth R. Davis knows how to engage young children in math and science through active lessons such as setting off rockets using baking soda, developing sorting and counting skills using everyday objects, watching pretend volcanoes erupt, and rolling toy cars down inclined planes to see energy in motion. The hands-on activities really help to solidify and personalize learning for little ones. These simple experiments capture the children’s attention and get them thinking about the fascinating ways their world works.

- Terrey, Senior Editor


My favorite lesson-planning book is The Giant Encyclopedia of Lesson Plans.  I love how it gives so many options to use in your classroom—no matter what subject you’re looking for or what theme you need an activity for, this book has an idea for you! 

- Amy, Customer Service Specialist


My 4-year-old son loves to get pretend mail and draw maps. But when it comes to writing or drawing anything other than maps, he gives up if he doesn’t feel like he can do it the way it should look in his mind. Playful Writing uses activities he loves to do, like pretend play, and adds an element of pre-writing to enhance the fun. The next time we build forts, I’m going to encourage we pass secret notes and battle plans to each other like in the “Hideouts and Hangouts” activity. These play-integrated activities are the perfect foundation to prepare him for preschool later this year!

- Jennifer, Production Manager


See for yourself why these books made the top of our list and pick up your copy today!

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