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Free Webinar: A Play-Based Approach to Emergent Curriculum and School Readiness

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Dr. Sarah Vanover, author of Building on Emergent Curriculum: The Power of Play for School Readiness, guides preschool teachers to tap into young children’s natural inclination for play to build their skills, promote their development, and, ultimately, prepare them for elementary school.

In this webinar, learn how preschool teachers can use a child’s natural instincts for play to enhance all areas of the child’s development. Viewers will be able to:

  • Recognize that pre-planned thematic units do not typically meet the needs of the students in the preschool classroom
  • Identify what school readiness looks like
  • Recognize teachable moments during the course of the school day and utilize those moments for deeper learning
  • Select curriculum based on the developmental level of the children in the classroom
  • Encourage teachers and parents to appreciate an emergent curriculum classroom

This recorded webinar will also highlight the different curriculum areas of the preschool classroom and how to incorporate emergent curriculum practices into those skills.

About the Presenter

Dr. Sarah Vanover, author of Building on Emergent Curriculum: The Power of Play for School Readiness, is currently the Director of the Division of Child Care for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She has worked in the early childhood education field for over 20 years as an assistant teacher, teacher, program administrator, trainer, and classroom teaching coach. She has also worked at the state level to assist with policy development and supervision of early childhood programs like in-home child care providers and licensed child care facilities. For the past several years she has focused her work and her research on assessing quality early childhood programs for health and safety requirements and school readiness skills.