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Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness

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Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness

This activity will help children develop a sense of their family unit—who the members are and how your child is related to them. Children will also use sorting skills as they organize the album, and will learn vocabulary for the relations, word names, family names, and nicknames.

This activity, as well as all the activities in Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness, is designed to help early childhood teachers involve families in supporting the rich learning that takes place in your preschool classroom. Many parents want to help their little ones in preparing for and getting the most out of kindergarten, and this book provides teachers with the resources to help them do just that. 


  • Loose-leaf binder or notebook
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Glue stick or glue
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  • Family photos

What To Do

  1. Discuss with your child who is in his or her family. Help your child name all the family members, and explain your child’s relationship to them.
  2. Suggest making an album to document all the members of the family. Label the front of the album with your child’s name: for example, Jessica’s Family Album.
  3. Find or take photos of these family members. If you don’t have a photo of a particular family member, your child can draw a picture of that person.
  4. Help your child select which images to put in the album.
  5. Create a page for each person’s photo, and together with your child write that person’s name and relationship. Leave an extra page empty if your child wants to draw a picture of that family member.
  6. You and your child can work on this book over time, adding family as your child suggests.

*Tip: If you’re concerned about damaging fragile or special photos, consider making copies to use in the album.

*Tip: To strengthen the pages, consider covering them with clear contact paper or plastic page protectors.