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Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness

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Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness Excerpt


Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness



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Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness

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Build the home-school connection to prepare for kindergarten! Studies show that parent and family involvement with school is an important factor in children’s later academic success. Many families of young children want to learn ways to support their little ones in preparing for and getting the most out of kindergarten.

With easy-to-share parent letters and simple, fun activities for families to do together at home, Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness is the perfect tool for early childhood teachers to involve families in understanding and supporting the rich learning taking place in your preschool classroom. The book offers activities to support:

  • Social-emotional skills
  • Math explorations
  • Science inquiry
  • Emerging literacy skills
  • Language and vocabulary development
  • Gross and fine motor skills
Alison Pepper

Alison Pepper is an early childhood education expert and consults in the areas of quality improvement, program design, leadership development, family engagement, accreditation, project development and training. She has written...

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Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness has won the Creative Child Book of the Year Award.

“A wonderful concept--strategies for parents to help their children be prepared for kindergarten. Real, experiential, executive-functioning-&-across-all-domains-developing activities for families to engage in.”

Peter J. Pizzolongo

“This book is filled with fun, playful and educational activities that parents can do with their young children with research that supports the learning behind each activity. I appreciate her easy to follow directions and choice of activities presented in a clear and respectful manner to parents. As a teacher and a parent, it's really important to understand how children learn through play ”

Judy Salomon
Mentor Teacher at Tehiyah Day School