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Lotty Dotty | Writing center Activity

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The Possibilities of Play

Featured in The Possibilities of Play: Imaginative Learning Centers for Children Ages 3-6, by Dr. Jean Feldman and Carolyn Kisloski, this learning center activity is a perfect opportunity to develop writing skills like small-motor strength, alphabet recognition, and sensory motor skills.


Lotty Dotty


School glue
Heavy paper
Water-based marker

What to Do

Use a marker to make shapes and letters with dots instead of lines; make the first dot green and the last dot red to indicate where to start and stop. Put a drop of glue on top of each dot and let dry. Invite the children to trace over the dots of glue with their fingers. Encourage them to whisper the letter or shape names as they trace them. For a challenge, ask children to write the letters after tracing over them. For more fun, place a sheet of paper on top of the dots. Remove the paper wrap from a crayon, and rub over the dots with the side of the crayon. Ask the children to use crayons to connect the dots to make the letters.