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Science Explorations for Spring

Spring Science Explorations

Spring preschool activities are a great way to add fun science learning to the day! Science activities for preschoolers introduce children to scientific thinking through hands-on explorations. Gryphon House authors have written hundreds of science experiment ideas and science activities for kids. Explore our spring science experiments for preschoolers with this fun, free activity from Science--Not Just for Scientists! Easy Explorations for Young Children, by Leonisa Ardizzone, EdD.


Patterns in the Sky: Clouds

Essential Question: What patterns exist in the sky?

Objective: Children will examine clouds to identify similarities and differences.



  1. Take the children outside and observe the clouds. Provide them with paper, markers or crayons, and clipboards. Encourage them to draw their observations. Continue this for as many days as you would like. Try to do it at the same time each day. Date each drawing for later use.
  2. After they have observed the sky for a few days, help them organize their drawings in date order and ask them to describe what they see. Do the clouds look the same every day? Are they different shapes or different colors? What characteristics do they have? Are they tall, short, fluffy, silky, and so on? Help them to see that their scientific observations are leading to the establishment of a pattern.
  3. On another day, present a cloud chart to the children, or take a look at a website that features photos of different types of clouds, such as http://cloudappreciationsociety.org. Encourage the children to try to match their cloud observations to the pictures.
  4. As they make the connection between their own observations and the types of clouds on charts, ask them to make predictions of what clouds they may see over the next few days.

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