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Science—Not Just for Scientists!
Easy Explorations for Young Children

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Science—Not Just for Scientists! Excerpt


Science—Not Just for Scientists!
Easy Explorations for Young Children



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Science—Not Just for Scientists!

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Children are natural scientists, drawn to wonder, exploration, discovery, and analysis. Science—Not Just for Scientists! gives you simple ideas to open up the world of discovery to young children. Through open-ended explorations, you will discover how to cultivate children's natural curiosity by asking simple questions: How? When? Where? And the most famous of all children's questions: Why? The hands-on activities will empower children to question, experiment, and develop abstract reasoning skills. Children will explore patterns, cause and effect, size and scale, change and growth, energy, and how things work. Easy to follow, step-by-step activities lead children and their caregivers through a new world of discovery.

It's simple and fun to investigate:

  • Patterns in Our Neighborhood
  • Who Can Live Here?
  • Big, Small, and In Between
  • Simple Machines
  • The Water Cycle
  • Energy Path
  • and so much more!
Leonisa Ardizzone, EdD

Leonisa Ardizzone, EdD, has been a science educator for more than twenty years. After completing her doctorate at Columbia University, she was assistant professor at Adelphi University and Fordham University....

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Science—Not Just for Scientists! has won the National Parenting Publications Award (Gold), Tillywig Toy Brain Child Award, and Mom's Choice Award (Gold).

“This exciting, entertaining, and oh-so-effective book makes it easy for parents and educators to nurture the budding scientists that all children harbor within. With science and technology permeating our lives as never before, preparing children for a successful future is essential. The hands-on activities presented in this book encourage and empower children to question and experiment as they move through life. Each chapter is a treat to be savored and digested, and includes several easy-to-follow activities with clearly stated objectives and methods. Organized around themes from science education, the topics include patterns, cause and effect, size and scale, energy, systems, and more, and each is explored in a simple step-by-step fashion. The book is bursting with color photos and written in an engagingly concise manner that makes it easy for any parent or caregiver to shepherd their children into the world of knowledge and inquiry.”

Tillywig Toys Awards

“Experiments that the entire family can enjoy using easily accessible items in your home and yard. Wide array of activities and lessons that are easy to follow. Methods, materials and objectives are clearly laid out. Teachers and parents won't be intimidated by teaching science with this tool!”

National Parenting Publications Awards