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Eggs-Tra | Literacy Center Activity

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Featured in The Possibilities of Play: Imaginative Learning Centers for Children Ages 3-6, by Dr. Jean Feldman and Carolyn Kisloski, this learning center activity is a perfect opportunity to practice phonics and writing skills, like upper- and lowercase letters.




Plastic eggs
Permanent marker

What to Do

With a permanent marker, write an uppercase letter on one half of an egg and a lowercase letter on the other half. Take the eggs apart and mix them up in the basket. Invite the children to find matching letters and put them together. For more fun, give them paper and pencils, and ask them to write both the upper- and lowercase letters. For even more fun, cut out small pictures and glue them onto small pieces of card stock for a beginning sound game. (Laminate or cover with clear contact paper for durability.) Encourage the children to put the appropriate pictures in the eggs with the letters for the beginning sounds.

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