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Downloadable Kindergarten Readiness Activity: Make Your Own Playdough


As teachers of four-year-old children, one of your primary considerations is how to best prepare the children for their transition to kindergarten. 

Especially now, you may be fielding questions from families about how to best prepare their children for the next step into kindergarten. The pressure for the children’s success may feel like it rests on your shoulders, but you don’t have to do it alone. You have excellent allies—the children’s families! Families are your partners in their children’s education.

We know how busy you are! Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness offers a variety of developmentally appropriate, play-based learning activities you can send home to families each week so they can participate in their child's learning.

Share the following downloadable activity with families to help them prepare their children for kindergarten. It even includes a letter to families explaining how this activity supports school readiness.

Find even more ideas from Kick-Start Kindergarten Readiness.


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