Fox and Geese Game

This is a game of tag that will be especially enjoyed by older children. Children learn that it takes longer to run around a circle than to run across it. (The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.) This game also requires good balance.

Words to use

  • Circle
  • Tracks
  • Quarters
  • Center
  • Run
  • Tag
  • Safe


An untracked area of snow.

What to do:

  1. On an untracked snow area, walk in a large circle to make a circle track.
  2. Then intersect the circle, to cut into quarters.
  3. The center of the circle is the safe place.
  4. The children may run only on the tracks.
  5. ‘It’ tries to tag another player, but if the player reaches the center before he or she is tagged, he or she is safe.
  6. If a player is tagged, he or she becomes it.

Source: Everything for Winter: A Complete Activity Book for Teachers of Young Children

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