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6 Tips from Early Ed Pros on How to Teach the Alphabet

6 Tips on How to Teach the Alphabet

Teaching kids the alphabet may seem easy, but many teachers want to know more about how to teach the alphabet to their little learners. The Learn Every Day series is a great resource for educators looking for fun activities for alphabet learning!

Here are six tips you can use when teaching kids the alphabet in your classrooms!  

  1. Incorporate other learning skills such as social development and literacy into your alphabet lesson.
  2. Allow children room to be creative in their learning. For example, encourage your students to illustrate the alphabet to practice their letter recognition.
  3. Find a relatable way to teach the alphabet. For example, use everyday objects in their neighborhood or home the children are familiar with to help teach them the alphabet such as “s for sandbox,” and “m for mailbox.”
  4. Expand alphabet lessons to teach your students about their communities and the world around them. This will help them begin to connect objects with letters.
  5. Allow them to develop their oral language expression through verbal alphabet activities. For example, stage activities where the alphabet is recited aloud, helping them to remember it easier and come to recite it on their own.
  6. Don’t forget to have fun! Combine games and learning to make alphabet-learning fun for both you and your students.

For fun alphabet activities and other language and literacy activities, be sure to explore Learn Every Day About Social Studies.  

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