10 Family-Friendly Volunteer Ideas

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When teaching children about compassion, few activities are as rewarding as volunteering together as a family. Parents often find that volunteering helps teach values such as empathy, gratitude and responsibility. Not to mention, family volunteering helps foster emotional and social development, while also promoting healthy family and community connections. Working as family helps children feel valued as they acquire new skills, learn about life, and discover how their actions can can impact others.

The Busy Family’s Guide to Volunteering gives parents endless volunteering ideas. Take a look at these 10 family-friendly volunteer ideas you can try today!

If your family likes the outdoors:
• Start a community garden
• Take dogs at an animal shelter for walks

If your family wants to work from home:
• Sew, knit, or crochet for the needy
• Invite someone who is alone to a meal, especially at holiday time

If your family likes sports:
• Volunteer to help with Special Olympics
• Assist coaches for school sports

If your family enjoys driving:
• Take nursing home residents or isolated seniors to visit their friends or drive friends to visit them
• Deliver food from a food pantry to the homebound

If your family wants to create random acts of kindness:
• Provide free babysitting to a struggling family in your neighborhood
• Rake, mow, shovel snow, or garden for a neighbor or elderly friend

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