We Go Together! | A Science Center Activity

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Brought to you by STEM Play: Integrating Inquiry into Learning Centers, this science center provocation allows children to find what objects are similar and go together as they sort through various objects, just like scientists! This activity supports detailed observation, categorization, and emergent writing skills. Get the book for more valuable ideas and materials to incorporate into your learning centers that will help children experience the power of STEM on their own! 


  • Leaves
  • Magnifying lens
  • Paper plates
  • Rocks
  • Seeds

What to Do

  1. Explain that sorting science objects is something scientists do. They have to look closely and observe different objects that they find, then they decide how those objects go together. Scientist have created categories for all living things, including animals. They also categorize rocks by how they were formed and what they look like.
  2. Explain that when they visit the science center, they will get to be scientists and look at the objects closely so they can decide which ones go together. Tell children that if they want to record how they sort the objects, they can write and draw pictures.


* Make a set of flash cards with pictures of birds that can fly and other animals
that cannot fly with which the children are familiar.
What to Do
1. Engage the children in a discussion about
various animals. Ask the children how
different animals move around in the
2. Focus on birds. Talk with the children
about flight. Explain that most animals
cannot fly because most animals do not
have wings.
3. Take out the flash cards. Show the
children one card at a time.
4. Ask the children to flap their arms like wings if they see a bird.
5. Tell them the name of the bird in the picture.
6. Everyone stops flapping their wings when they see an animal that doesn't fly.
Consider the following:
* Can the children correctly identify the birds and flap their arms accordingly?
* Can the children name animals that do not fly and explain how those animals
get around?