Summer Activity Calendars


  • calendars for June, July, and August
  • theme and activity ideas
  • clip art to decorate calendars
  • copy machine (adult only)


What to do

1. Parents love to know what is occurring during the week.

2. Make a cover page for the class or combine with another class. For example, write, "Noah's Ark Summer Activity Calendars for Toddlers."

3. Fill in the calendar with three activities per week. For example:

Week 1:

  • Theme: Celebration
  • Activities: parade; drums; red, white, and blue day

Week 2:

  • Theme: Space Adventure
  • Activities: moon creatures, stars in the sky, moon mush

Week 3:

  • Theme: Fun in the Sun
  • Activities: pool party, beach fun, sidewalk painting

4. Make copies and give a calendar to each family.

5. This tool for communication helps parents feel connected and gives them information about your classroom. Parents can help by bringing in supplies and books about the different themes.


-Sandy L. Scott, Meridian, ID


1. Give each child a few sheets of dots of varying colors and sizes.2. Encourage the children to put the dots onto paper to create designs3. If desired, the children can use pens or markers to draw on and betweenthe dots.

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