Sensory Cards

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The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6


  1. Heavy poster board
  2. Scissors
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Fabric with varying textures
  5. Glue
  6. Markers


  1. Cut poster board into cards.
  2. Make sensory cards by gluing different textures on each card.
  3. On the back of each card, write a word that describes how it feels to the touch (rough, smooth, bumpy, soft, and so on).
  4. Let the children take turns feeling the cards. Encourage them to write their own descriptive word or tell you or a friend.
  5. If desired, extend the activity by asking the children to find an object in the room that feels similar to the card they felt.


1. To encourage children to write, "jazz" up the materials in the Writing center.
2. Collect a variety of novelty pens and put them in a basket. These can be
found at dollar stores, novelty stores, and in many stores during the holidays.
Find pens that look like frogs, snakes, cartoon characters; soft pens with
bears, monsters, snowmen, and dogs on the top; light-up pens; pens with
feathers and flowers; and so on. Children love to use these pens.
3. To make it really special, save the pens for use during "Journal Time."
4. Make a journal for each child using a three-ring binder and paper. Binders
are great to use because they are sturdy, and the children don't have to
worry about slipping paper.
5. As the children draw or write, use a date stamp to let identify when the
picture or writing entry was created.

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