Rainbow Run

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Learn Every Day About Colors


  • 2' segments of crepe paper streamers in different colors (or strips of colored fabric)


What to do

1. Invite the children to line up on one side of the playground.

2. Hand each child a colored streamer.

3. Stand on the opposite side of the playground and call out, "Red run over."

4. Children holding the red streamers raise their streamers high in the air and run to the other side of the playground.

5. Repeat the command using a different color name.

6. Children will enjoy running with the streamers blowing in the wind as they move across the playground.

7. Continue until every color group has come across. Repeat the activity several times, allowing children to exchange colors with classmates for each round of the game.

See Our Colors Fly
by Mary J. Murray
(Tune: "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush")
This is the way we run across, run across, run across.
This is the way we run across to see our colors fly.


To assess the children's learning, consider the following:

  • Observe the children to see if they recognize their color when you call it.
  • Display an assortment of crepe paper streamers. Ask one child to pick up a specific color and wave it in the air.
  • Place the streamers end to end. Invite the children to walk along the length of streamers and name each color as they pass by.


-Mary J. Murray, Mazomanie, WI


l Make a drawing of a rainbow with the bands of color in the typical colorwheel
l Cut 5" x 10" rectangles from tagboard. Pencil in a rainbow with six 1/2 " bands.
Cut away excess tagboard so that only the rainbow shape remains.
What to Do
1. Put a sprinkle of water on the tables to hold the fingerpaint paper in place. Ask
the children to put on smocks. Set out blue fingerpaint for the children.
2. Ask the children to move the paint around across the whole page with their
fingers and hands. Encourage them to swirl the paint around to look like
3. Give each child a tissue and ask him to crumple it up. Show them how to blot
areas of the paper while the paint is still wet to make clouds.
4. While the paint dries, give each child a blank tagboard rainbow. Show them
the drawing of the rainbow with the colors in the correct order. Ask the
children to color their own rainbow.
5. The next day, when the paintings are dry, return the rainbows to the children
to glue onto their cloud paintings.
To assess the children's learning, consider the following:
l Can each child match the cut-apart bands of the rainbow to the correct bands
on the drawing?
l Can the children name the colors in the rainbow?

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