Rainbow Hand Jive

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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Transition Activities for Children 3 to 6


  • popular CD or tape with a good beat
  • CD or tape player


What to do

1. Any time during the day, teach the children the simplest version of the Hand Jive (moving your hands to the rhythm of the song):

  • Tap your thighs (twice)
  • Clap your hands (twice)
  • Pass right hand over left hand in front of you (twice)
  • Pass left hand over right hand in from of you (twice)

2. Suggest different body positions (stand up, kneel down, or lie on your back), different formats (in a circle, in a line, back to back, with a partner, or in a group of three), or body movements (while walking, dancing, or skipping).

3. Encourage the children to make up different hand motions.


More to do

Give children colorful gloves to wear. The children will enjoy the colorful array as they make the motions. Mix and match the gloves.


-Judy Fujawa, The Villages, FL


1. Prepare the children for a new activity by giving them a cue during an
activity in progress and singing the following song.
Are You Ready? (Tune: "Frere Jacques")
Are you ready? Are you ready?
Look at me. Look at me.
Listening ears are tuned in, faces ready in a grin,
What comes next? What comes next?
2. Then tell them what to do, such as walk to the rug, line up at the door, or
whatever they are transitioning to.

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