Practice With Favorite Color

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The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6

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The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6


  1. Sensory table or large tub
  2. Scraps of colored construction paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Yarn
  5. Masking tape


  1. Fill the sensory table or large tub half full with paper scraps.
  2. Attach scissors to the edge of the table using yarn.
  3. Encourage the children to practice cutting their favorite colors of paper.
  4. Let the children cut the paper into as many small pieces as they want. Each day the pieces will get smaller and smaller as their fine motor skills increase.
  5. This is great for color recognition and cutting practice.


1. Assemble the supermarket materials in one location in the room.
2. During circle time, explain to the whole group that everyone will work
together to set up a supermarket. There will be four to five aisles. Explain that
similar items should go in appropriate aisles. Aisle setups might be:
* fruits and vegetables
* meats
* drinks
* desserts
* soaps and cleaning products
3. Place pictures representing the materials for the aisles in the room or area so
children can match the items to the pictures.
4. Depending on the dynamics of the group, either send one person at a time
to choose an item and place it in the appropriate aisle or ask that the whole
group work together.
5. Provide guidance as needed to children who need help finding objects that
match the pictures.
6. When children seem to understand the concept, encourage them to explore
and play independently in the supermarket learning center.

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