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Outdoor Play

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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Transition Activities for Children 3 to 6

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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Transition Activities for Children 3 to 6


  • sand tools, such as shovels and buckets


What to do

1. Transition to the outside by giving children sand tools to hold. When everyone has a sand tool, begin walking outside.

2. More to do Sand Play: Sand and children are a perfect combination. Every year, try to have sand delivered to the school so the children can dig tunnels, create rivers, ponds, castles, and more.

3. More Sand Play: Create a rain barrel out of a plastic barrel. Install a faucet 6" from the bottom, and put it under a rain gutter so it will collect water. While some children are digging, others can fill buckets with water and carry them to the building site.

Author's Note: I supply fewer shovels than there are children to encourage sharing, and it is safer, too.


-Susan Ribinoff, Wakefield, RI


1. Write a few questions on index cards, notepad shape paper, or die-cut
shapes. Laminate them for durability, if possible.
2. Any simple question will work as long as it is something the children will be
able to answer. You can ask simple questions: "How old are you?" "Do you
have a pet?" "What did you come to school in?" or more open-ended
discussion questions: "Tell us one of your wishes." "What makes you angry?"
"What makes you laugh?" "What is your favorite song (or book or color)?"
3. Keep the cards in an interesting container, such as an old jewelry box, sparkly
gift bag, or basket.
4. When the children might need to wait for a while or are transitioning
between activities, bring out the container and let each child draw a
question from it.
5. Read the questions and encourage the children to answer.

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