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The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6

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The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6


  1. A book about safari animals
  2. Plastic sunglasses (one pair for each child)
  3. Black paint
  4. Paintbrushes
  5. Black and white feathers
  6. Glue
  7. Large blanket
  8. Stuffed safari animals


  1. Read and discuss a book about safari animals.
  2. Give each child a pair of plastic sunglasses (preferably white). Put newspaper and black paint on the work table. Show the children how to paint black "zebra" stripes on the glasses. When the paint is dry, the children can glue black and white feathers on the top of the frames.
  3. Go on a pretend safari trip. Spread a big blanket on the floor (if possible, find one with leopard or zebra stripes). Ask the children to sit on the blanket. Put a few large stuffed safari animals (zebra, lion, leopard, and giraffe) near the blanket.
  4. As the children sit on the blanket, narrate a story about a safari.


1. Partially fill a container with water and place it on the table. Gather the
children around the container.
2. Explain that they will look at the water in the container and then write about
it. You may wish to move the water around in the container as the children
quietly observe to give action to the substance.
3. Ask the children leading questions such as:
* "How can you describe the water?" (adjectives)
* "What are some objects you think about when you see water?" (nouns)
* "What are some activities you think about when you think of water?"
* "Where are some places you find water?" (locations, prepositions)
4. You may wish to have an oral discussion before giving them time to dictate
or write their thoughts. This may help reluctant writers get started.
5. Adults should engage in the writing process at the same time as the
6. Provide time at the end of the writing session for volunteers to share.

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