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Number Creature Creations

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How Many Ways Can You Make Five?

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How Many Ways Can You Make Five?

Recognize how many in a set of objects as you build a number creature with this simple-to-do, easy-to-create craft project from How Many Ways Can You Make Five?

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What to do

1. Use a paper towel tube for the base. The tube can be used horizontally or vertically to create a "creature."

2. Roll the die and, whatever number comes up, choose that many of each collage material.

3. Create your creature by attaching the materials to the tube base. For example, if you rolled a four, you might attach four feathers for wings, four strips of paper for stripes, four stickers for eyes, and so on. Be creative!

4. Help your child name his creature (incorporating the number in the creature's name, such as Four-Feathered Fred), and then make a label for the creature.

(Adapted from NCTM's Showcasing Mathematics for the Young Child, 2004.)