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Little Walks, Big Adventures

Take your children outside and guide their innate spirit of curiosity and adventure! This simple nature bracelet activity will elevate your nature walks to an immersive investigation of nature. “Nature bracelets are easy to make and a perfect activity for hikes or camping,” shares Erin Buhr, MEd, in her book Little Walks, Big Adventures: 50+ Ideas for Exploring with Toddlers.


  • Duck tape
  • Flowers, leaves, or any natural items found on your walk!

What to do

  1. Tape a piece of duct tape around each child’s arm with the sticky side facing out.
  2. Then, as you walk, encourage them to collect small items to add to their bracelets
  3. When you are done with your walk, they will have fun nature-themed bracelets.
  4. If they are interested, talk to them about the items on their bracelets. Show interest in the things that they found interesting on your walk.

Little Walks, Big Adventures offers 50+ great ideas for taking toddlers on explorations in your local community. While you walk, young children will have rich opportunities for learning new vocabulary and developing cognitive, language, math, and motor skills—not to mention the excellent exercise and fresh air theyʼll be getting. The book is divided into four main adventure topics following common toddler interests: Home and Community, Our World, Vehicles and Animals. Within each theme there are thirteen adventures, each with corresponding activities. The adventures are intended for toddlers roughly aged fifteen to thirty-six months of age an all developmental abilities.  Throughout the book there are tips to make these adventures and ideas accessible for the different abilities and special needs of children in this age group.

Watch this free webinar presented by Erin Buhr, M.Ed., for more meaningful field trips with young children.