My Kindergarten Quilt

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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities


Different colored construction paper including black


glue stick

9" x 9" poster board squares, one for each child

black marker

hole punch

string or yarn


1. Cut an ample supply of 3" x 3" squares of different colored construction
paper including black. Place the colored squares on the table for the children
to choose.
2. Glue three black squares randomly on each 9" x 9" poster board square so
the children have an idea of where to place the other squares.
3. Give each child a poster board square. Begin by asking the following
questions: What color are your eyes? Your hair? What is your favorite color?
What color is your pet?
4. Encourage the children to select the corresponding colors using the 3" x 3"
squares and glue them to the poster board.
5. Ask the children to write their name in a blank square.
6. Punch a hole into the paper quilts and attach string to hang them.
7. If desired, ask the children to write what each color represents on the reverse

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