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Make a Gift for Grandparents' Day: Lift-the-Flap Card

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Grandparents' Day is this Sunday! Remembering to make time for family can be a challenge, especially when everyone has such busy schedules. But taking your child to spend some quality time with relatives will not only foster family engagement and learning, but will also make their grandparents' day! Stephanie Mueller and Ann Wheeler, authors of 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make, share that "When young children make something unique to give as a special gift for a loved one, they feel proud and successful about what they can do and share. Often these child-made gifts are treasured for years to come." Below you will find instructions for a fun craft kids can easily make and give to their grandparents to show them how special they truly are!

Lift-the-Flap Card


What to Do

  1. Cut one large flap or a few small flaps into one piece of construction paper.
  2. Tape the edges of the cut construction paper on top of the other piece of construction paper.
  3. Lift the flaps, and have children draw a picture of them with their grandparents, or write a special message on the paper under the flap.
  4. Decorate the rest of the card using crayons or colored pencils.

Helpful Hints

  • Use light-colored construction paper of the base on the card to make the drawing more visible.
  • If writing a message, number the front of each flap so that the recipient opens the flaps in order.


Personalize the card by using small photos of your child or photocopies of photos under each flap. This makes a great Grandparents' Day gift!

We hope your child enjoyed making a Lift-the-Flap card! For even more fun gifts kids can make at home, check out 101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make.